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What to look out for before Investing into stocks?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Other than analysing the company before he decides whether to invest in the stock, what else does Dennis Ng, founder of who made his first million through investing look at? What do forest and trees have to do with stock investing?

All these and more, Dennis Ng shares with Channel News Asia on a program entitled "What's your position?" Here is the interview.

4 Things You Might Overlook in Property Purchase

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Below article "4 Things You Might Overlook in Property Purchase" was written by Dennis Ng, (吴加万), founder of which was published on 3 March 2010 in My Paper.

Selection of articles written by Dennis Ng on website:






最近几个月,本地房地一片火,例如西海岸(West Coast)的房价从$600 psf $900 psf幅达50%。很多人迫不急待地一蜂地房子,但他房子的候可能忽略了一些事。今天,我将与你分享些事,好你在房前,有一个清楚的概念。

注意事1: 印花税
当你房子的候,需要付大2%2.9%的印花税(stamp duty),房价而定。印花税需先用金支付,若你的公金普通口有足存款,后可用公偿还reimburse)。是一笔可的数目,一些人可以先用公金付款,而临时金不足搞得手忙脚乱。

Are You a Go-Getter?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Welcome to the 125th Issue of Weekly e-newsletter by This week I like to share with you "Are You a Go-Getter? Do you want more success in your life?

Many people are go-getters. Are you?

I always share with my friends that the secret to Success is “Give and you shall receive”. If you want more, just start to give more. Note: Give is having no expectation of returns/rewards, however, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect will ensure that the person who gives, will ultimately receive, though might not be from the same person or receive the same thing.