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Hi friend, Will You Help me and The Children?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Hi all,
This is the first time I’m pleading you to help. As you know, I have not pleaded to anyone so far. And if you help, it will mean so much to me and to the children…
I’m talking about children who suffer from life threatening medical you want to give them hope?
If you can help make one of their Wish comes true, will you? You can do so.

Government's Latest Anti-Speculative Measures Might Hit Property Market...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Singapore Government announced anti-speculative measures to cool down property market.

1. impose stamp duty on Sellers who sell property within 1 year after purchase. Stamp Duty is about 3% on Purchase and with another round of Stamp Duty imposed on Sale, total stamp duty incurred by "speculator" would be close to 6%, plus property agent commissioon of 1%, other miscellaneous fees eg. legal fees, it would mean that it will take close to 10% appreciation in price for speculator to "break-even".

This measure likely to dampen speculation in property, and might lead to a fall in property prices.

How to Deter Speculation in HDB Resale Flats?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Prices of HDB Resale flats shot up by 20% in year 2009. Prices of HDB Resale Flats continued to rise, with the median Cash Over Valuation (COV) climbing to over S$24,000. Minister Mah Bow Tan also expressed concerns about the possible speculation of HDB flats.

What can be done to deter Speculation in HDB Resale Flats? Are there any loopholes being exploited by investors currently?
These and more questions were asked and discussed on Channel 8’s早安您好! Dennis Ng, co-founder of was invited to share his comments with TV audience.