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Greece Problem is really NOT a Big Problem from a Big Picture Perspective

Written by Dennis Ng on .

The financial markets seem to typically "sell first", ask questions later. Yes, Greece is in trouble, (nothing new, we knew this since a few months ago). And yes, maybe even Spain and Portugal might be in trouble.

How would this derail U.S. economic recovery? Below article mentioned that U.S. exports to the WHOLE of Europe only constitutes 2% of U.S. GDP. Thus, from this Big Picture analysis, whatever happens to Greece, Spain and/or Portugal is NOT likely to have a big impact on U.S. economy, and thus unlikely to affect the World significantly.

Since U.S. economy constitutes 24% of the Global Economy, if U.S. is OK, the world will be ok. Despite so much talk about China and India, they currently only contributes to 7% and 2% of the Global economy respectively.

Just remember, Bubbles always Burst, including the China Property Market Bubble...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

In year 2007, I shared my views on Capital Radio 95.8 FM that China stock market was a bubble and likely to Crash, just a matter of time....and that it was dangerously high and I would not buy China stocks or funds then (in year 2007).

The DJ Wang Lee Jeng asked me is there a chance that it might not Crash but just suffer a correction in prices (up to 20% drop is called a correction)...

I said to her and the radio listeners:"I've observed that Bubbles always burst, bubbles do not deflate (correct), so it is just a matter of time, not if."

The same thing is NOW happening to China Property Market. It is a bubble and day by day, it gets bigger.

Relying on CPF Alone Not Enough for Retirement...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

日期: 06/04/2010 来源: 新明日

: 郑凯 ·

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