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Rising Inflation? Harry Dent predicts Great Depression Ahead instead...

Written by Dennis Ng on .

What might happen in the next few years? In my opinion, there is a possibility of rising inflation, which is why I have 6% of my wealth invested into Gold and Silver. 

When inflation rate rises, ALL Real Assets would go up, eg. Oil, Commodities, including Gold and Silver.... 

However, there is one author Harry S. Dent, JR, who wrote a Book "The Great Depression Ahead", he actually opined that what is likely to happen is a Great Depression (similar to Great Depression in the 1930s rather than high inflation.

Singapore Property Market Outlook, likely to go Up or Down?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

I just checked the latest info compiled by URA in 4Q 2009.

The link is here:

Year 2010 expected to have 7,584 private property units completed. 

Year 2011 about 9,196.

The main increase in Supply is in year 2012 and year 2013, at 13,246 and 15,492 respectively. In year 2014, the number falls to 9,049.

Thus, based on the numbers, it would appear that year 2010 we are still likely to see Supply insufficient to meet Demand, thereby causing an "upward pressure" on Prices.

Do You Want to Learn "HOW" to Make Your Money Work for You?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Robert Kiyosak's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is a Global Bestseller. Robert Kiyosaki said you need to "make money work for you". The problem is he didn't really share "How to do it".

"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" a book written by T. Harv Eker shares the mindset needed to become a Millionaire.

Changing one's mindset is important, but it is not sufficient, you need to Learn the "HOW" as well. My Book "Mastering Your Personal Finance", also covers and teaches the "mindset" needed for Wealth Accumulation in the first part, but it also shares the "HOW" to do it in insurance, investments, and even Will writing in the other sections. "Mastering Your Personal Finance", teaches you how to Become a Millionaire in Singapore in Singapore context.