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Great Enthusiasm and Resourcefulness Clients Can Count On...

I would like to complement your staff for her prompt and useful advice given to me in sorting out my housing loan.

It had been a good experience in engaging her services which save me a lot of time and hassle in getting a good deal.

I fully recognize her enthusiasm and resourcefulness in helping me to get the loan done in a very short time. Thank you very much and keep up with the good job. --Nien

Your Unbiased Views are what sets you apart from Your Competition

I have always enjoyed reading your newsletters because of your unbiased views on matters pertaining to wealth management, etc, etc. I hope people will take heed from your advice and not plunge themselves into bottomless debts. There are very few who would write honestly in these days and to be true to oneself is so scarce and rare. - Frieda Seet

A Big Thank You to HousingLoanSG...

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ms June for going the extra mile to help me secure the HDB Bank loan.

1) I am just a taxi-driver, repeat only a taxi-driver and she treated me with the same potential customer as the rest.

2) Even though I have got a few banks rejecting my loans, Ms June was patient and fought to the end just before the valuation of HDB expired, thereby saving me time to reapply again the HDB valuation. She never gave up.

3) She always take the trouble and patience to update me after office hours so that I am constantly aware of the whole situation, thereby enabling me to make contingency plans (if necessary), bearing in mind that this is using up her personal after-office hours and her weekend leisure time.

4) She have a very good listening ear, this I must add because she absorbed all my frustrations from the bank rejection reply. My frustration was purely on the banks rejection and not vented at her.She is also a special listening ear to absorb all my
grievances....hey, i cannot be speaking to a wall, right...she is just a special listening ear to all my frustrations.

5) She gave valuable and legal advise outside of the purview of the loan matters to enable me to come out with alternative plans should such a need arises. I like to add that these are legal and honest ideas but when one is in a panic mode, somehow these good and simple ideas just will come out of my head. as they say, it is the outsiders that sees things more clearly. ....And many others............albeit insignificant but very professional and her heart and passion put on the job, i think 200% is there
sincerely in getting this loan done. in short, the human touch.

This is all but not limited to the above mentioned as I just want to say a big thank you to you (for having such a wonderful
colleagues) and herself (equally most of all) and the team from - Ryan Han


Fast, Friendly and Meticulous Service!

Novel of comes as a fast worker. The service she provided was swift and reliable especially for someone who is taking a loan for the first time. Her impressive commitment towards closing the deal helped secured the loan approval within 2 days of engagement. These works are all done conveniently through exchange of emails and phone only. Moreover, her explanation of the loan package details and procedure were both meticulous and comprehensible.
I really must thank you for answering all my questions. Superb turn-around time and great service, making the entire process so Effortless.  - Mark Tan

Unbiased Professional Service Better than a typical Bank Staff

The first question I asked Novel of was “Why should I apply Housing Loan through and not directly through the banks?”
Novel was responsive, providing details of the various packages within the day. She also provided an unbiased advice and comparisons between different banks and packages. She gave me the confidence that I gain when engaging instead of going directly to the banks, individually. Her grasp of the difference between packages has provided me with a very good understanding of each package, which allowed me to choose the best loan for my house. The loan was speedily processed and approved without the overhead of a face-to-face talk. I commend her services and would gladly introduce Novel to my family and friends.
The entire process was smooth, beyond what I expected - Leonard Sim

Keep Up the Good Work and Reputation of

I'm sending a short testimonial in order to let others know how great is , particularly Novel Hui who had provided not only impeccable but a very professional service to her customers. She was able to relate to what I wanted and offered the best solution to accommodate my needs.
Her recommendation for the banker to put priority into my loan application had resulted in it getting approved within a very short period. Her efficiency is highly commendable. This indeed has relieved me of the stress which I will have to face if not for all her efforts.
Thank you so much for your appreciated help and keep up the good work and reputation that have amongst the Housing Loan Mortgage Consultancy industry. - Francis Gan