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We Could Not Have Done It Without Your Help

The purchase for the condo is now done.

Thank you very much for you help in the process. We couldn't have done it without you.

Greatly appreciate the service. THanks - Lim Seow Yin

Thanks For Getting Higher Percentage of Financing

My company was sourcing for a commercial property to invest. You managed to find a valuer who matched the purchase price of the property even though several valuers were unable to do so.

You also managed to help me obtain a higher percentage of financing than typically granted by banks for commercial properties, thereby helping me save on upfront cash needed on the purchase. Thank you so much - AG Pandan Pte Ltd

Thanks for Helping Us Get Additional Hundreds of Thousdands of Dollars of Equity Loan!

Thanks for your patience and help. Patricia of managed to help us source for a better Housing Loan package than what our existing bank was willing to offer.

We were able to get additional hundreds of thousands dollars of Equity Home Loan because of your help to refinance.

We’ll certainly be glad to help you spread the word about the fantastic service you provide – Ken Tsurumaru & Chris Cheung

Bank Websites Are Not Comprehensive, You Really Explain Everything To Me Clearly

I went to several bank websites, compared rates, but realised not all are comprehensive enough to make good judgement.

My then bank which I have a mortgage with, the branch manager didn’t explain the terms and conditions of the housing Loan package in full, and made no attempt to keep my loan low, for e.g. told me that I would need a bridging loan, which after consulted with HousingLoanSG Consultant, I was advised I did not need such facility if I planned my transactions carefully.

HousingLoanSG’s consultant Miss June, took pains to explain all banks' rates to me, the pros and the cons of the different Housing Loan packages, which enabled me to choose a package that really meet my needs and save me money. - Phiroze

Thanks for helping me zoom in to the Best Loan Packages

Thank you for helping me to get a very good refinancing package.

Though I have directly contacted the banks earlier, it was a pain chasing their folks up.

Also none of them seem to be aware of what other banks were offering. So it was very difficult to compare and work out the best package.

With's help, it was easy to see the best offer and get the banks to match specific terms which was advantageous to my need.

Thanks for the great support! I have already recommended you to two of my colleugues.

Regards - K.T (Changi)

Your Service Very Helpful to Foreigners NOT Familiar with Singapore Procedures

I’m a foreigner working in Singapore and was very confused about the rules and procedures of buying a property in Singapore and the numerous Housing Loan packages available in the market.

I really must thank you for answering all my questions and helping me make the entire process of getting a Housing Loan for my property so hassle free

Your service is really very helpful to foreginers who are not familiar with the rules and procedures of purchasing a house and getting a Housing Loan in Singapore – Hailey Choi, Korean