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Great Help in Sourcing of Suitable Bank Loan

Dear Serene,

Thank you very much for your assistance in finding the most suitable bank loan for us. Everything had went smoother than I expected, and especially on such short notice!

And do give my appreciation and gratitude to banker, for rushing out the letter of offer for us on such short notice and accommodating us on the location and time for the meet up and signing of the letter of offer. He had been a great help and source on information for clarifying any doubts we had regarding the facilities. - Lilin & Terence

Hope you continue to share your knowledge with the Public

Hi Dennis, read your interview with Sunday Times on 4 Nov 2007. Your views on not owning a car have made you different from those who were interviewed in previous Sunday Times' issues. Most of them owned a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes or a simple family car but you are one of the few who get by without one. In the process, using 6% annual growth, you have saved about S$1.6 million ! My wife and I now support your view and tell ourselves not to buy a car unless absolutely necessary as we both enjoy walking (and I enjoy cycling).

Hope you can continue to contribute to the BT or Sunday Times in future. Look forward to reading more of your articles/interviews.

Thanks for Educating Me on Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Actually, I want to say thanks to Dennis for educating me a few months back about good debts and bad debts, both in this and CNA forum.

He had made me changed my perception of debts and started to realise the fundamental rule that it is silly to clear good debts all at once, but should instead to put the available funds to earn higher return so that the net effect is debt-free situation. Thanks Dennis once again

Do Continue to Write Articles to Educate the General Public

Dennis, I see that you are quite an established person being featured on TV and having a prominent website. I must say that you are very successful in the line of finance. I hope that you will continue to write such great articles that will benefit the general public and perhaps bring insight to many people in various industries. - Ethan Chan

Thanks for Independent Advice and Continuous Service

I'm pleased to be able to recommend the services - I felt that you provided independent mortgage advice to me and was able to quickly match my needs to a range of suitable mortgage products. I've been particularly pleased that you have continued to provide free advice to determine whether my current mortgage continues to meet my needs and also highlight new offerings on the market that she feels might be of value to me. - Colin