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Thanks for Guiding me to purchase my first private property

I am glad to have as my guide in the purchase of my first private apartment. You helped me to secure a bank loan which offers competitive interest rate and also gave me advice on the type and price of apartment which is affordable and within my financial means. I will definitely recommend your service to all potential buyers of property - Mrs Soh Lee Kwan

Great Job in Educating the Public on Financial Literacy

You have done a great job in public education in financial literacy, I have very much respect for people like you. More Singaporeans need to be educated in financial matters if we as a nation want to progress further. - Paul Ho


Your Financial Articles Are Simple and Easy to Understand, thank you!

Hi Dennis, I love to read your article. I graduated from IT background, and with very little knowledge on finance and economics. I had read your articles on MyPaper, your simple and easy to understand writing had gained my interest to know more about investment and managing my wealth more wisely.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to read more articles and advise from you. ;-) - Chu Lei Lei

The Best Service I received in Singapore so far...

I just wish to thank you for your exceptional quality of service, even though I’m not even a customer! Amidst the constant clamoring for better service quality in SGP and from my experience in many countries, I must say that this is the so far the best I can recall in my years living in SGP.

I think the heart of it is the desire to serve others which should first be looked upon as a virtue rather with just the intention to bag business. Please keep the spirit and I believe it’ll lead you to higher grounds in all aspects of your life.

Best regards,

A Real Asset to Consumers Looking for Housing Loans in Singapore!

I wanted to give my best compliments to Chelsia of for a fantastic job done in helping me secure a loan. She was patient, meticulous, extremely helpful, resourceful, and took the initiative to source multiple types of packages from multiple banks on a continual basis as my requirements changed. She also did detailed spreadsheet analyses for me to ensure that I would get the best packages. She is a real asset to your company. - Jeffrey Lam

Dennis, a lively speaker, educated the public well in his talks

We have received good review for the speaker, Mr Dennis Ng.
Some of the comments/feedback are extracted below for ease of reference: He can explain clearly and make references for clearer understanding.
Cheerful stories; humourous.
Gave real-life examples; lively presentation.
Kept the atmosphere active and interacted well with audience.
Simple and easy to understand.
Clear explanation with examples.
Vivid description & lively.
Different components of CPF; start savings early to achieve financial freedom.
Can relate to the audience in his "heartlander" way of presentation;
clear slides and good vocal.

Pls thank Dennis on our behalf. Tks! - Hazel TAN, Manager, CPF Board Member Education Department