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Do You Want to Learn "HOW" to Make Your Money Work for You?

Written by Dennis Ng on .

Robert Kiyosak's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is a Global Bestseller. Robert Kiyosaki said you need to "make money work for you". The problem is he didn't really share "How to do it".

"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" a book written by T. Harv Eker shares the mindset needed to become a Millionaire.

Changing one's mindset is important, but it is not sufficient, you need to Learn the "HOW" as well. My Book "Mastering Your Personal Finance", also covers and teaches the "mindset" needed for Wealth Accumulation in the first part, but it also shares the "HOW" to do it in insurance, investments, and even Will writing in the other sections. "Mastering Your Personal Finance", teaches you how to Become a Millionaire in Singapore in Singapore context.


If you want to Learn how to Make Your Money Work for You in Singapore, here's the book written in Singapore context (with Both Chinese and English Content) in a single book, "Mastering Your Personal Finance", and you can get it at a Special 20% Discount:

If you buy this book, you also get 2 FREE tickets to a 2-hour Talk entitled "Mastering Your Personal Finance" conducted by Dennis Ng, so in a way, this Book is almost FREE, if you consider all the value and benefits you get from buying the book.

Talk: Mastering Your Personal Finance, topics covered (we have English and Chinese sessions):

General Elections and the Economic OutLook:

It seems like the Singapore General Elections is coming soon. Why did the government have the election now when the due date is 2012?

I have no information whatsoever, but my "hunch" is that probably they analysed that the economy in year 2010 should be doing well, and want to hold a Election while the going is good.

The last time they had a General Election was in year 2006, year 2006 was a good year, year 2007 was the Last Good Year before the Global Financial Crisis hit in year 2008.

If the same story unfolds, then year 2010 is likely a Good, year 2011 might probably be the last good year and we might have a "Sequel" to Global Financial Crisis in year 2012. Interestingly, a prominent economist Andy Xie opined that the China Bubble might burst in year 2012.

There are people with opposing views, some are very bullish, some other analyts are very bearish about year 2010, saying that once STI hits 3,000 it might fall from there.

If one uses Technical Analysis (charting) to analyse, it would appear that the Global Stock Markets (including U.S. and Singapore), after the recent Market Correction in Jan to Feb 2010, have now resumed its uptrend and might even hit 3,200 level in the months ahead. Let the trend by your friend, becos if you identify correctly and ride a Trend, it is very difficult to lose money, but very easy to make money. It is like running with the wind behind you, rather than running against the Wind, (against the trend).

P.S. How to use Technical Analysis to analyse like I did, I am willing to teach you, if you want to learn.

I currently hold 15% in Cash and have most of my money invested and they are diversified into different assets, not in one basket. Investment I currently hold include Stocks, Property (for rental and investment).

Other than stocks and property, I have invested into alternative investments, such as UK Traded Endowment (with Capital Guarantee and annual returns of 4% to 8%); Land Investment (expected annual returns of 10% to 20%); French Wine (expected annual returns of 5% to 10%); Gold and Silver (as insurance against possible High Inflation in the years ahead)¡­ I regard myself as "well positioned" no matter what might happen in the future.

I will let my stocks ride the Uptrend and would consider selling stocks when the trend changes¡­ what I did in year 2007 when I sold off 80% of my stocks and avoided the Stock Market Crash that followed. I reinvested into stocks starting from Oct 2008 and currently, my stock portfolio is up over 40%. I made my first million through investing and likely to make more in future through investing as well.

I'll be sharing "Secrets to Making Money in Stocks" in a 2-day Seminar on 24 and 25 April 2010. If you have been making losses, perhaps you can consider attending the seminar and start making money in stocks instead.


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Dennis Ng, - When You Master Your Finances, You Master Your Destiny



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