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Learn how to Master Your Finances from Dennis Ng on 10 April Woodlands Library

Written by Dennis Ng on .

As some of you might know, to help raise Financial Literacy Level in Singapore and the region is my Personal Life Mission, which is why I wrote the First Bilingual Book (has both Chinese and English content) on Personal Finance, entitled "Mastering Your Personal Finance". On 10 April 2010, I'll be conducting a FREE Chinese Talk on 如何做个理财掌门人 at Woodlands Library, details are below:

You can click on this link to buy my book ¡°Mastering Your Personal Finance¡± at a Special Price of S$15.90, 20% discount from retail price of S$19.90 and S$6 per book sold will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation.
The book will be mailed (no extra charges) to you in 2 weeks¡¯ time, (address within Singapore only).

如何做个理财掌门人 - 吴加万

Date/Time: Saturday Apr 10, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue: Programme Zone in Woodlands Regional Library
Language: Chinese
Subject: All
Channel: Chinese
Registration: Not Required


要致富,你必须学习富人的思维。除了思维,你也必须学习实用的理财与生财的窍门。就如大自然的四季一样,投 资市场也有高峰与低潮。在市场好的时候,你必须未雨绸缪,为可能出现的危机做好准备。当危机到来时,当别人 惊慌失措时,你却因为已经做好准备,能将危机变成转机,不但能够保护你的资金,而且能够进一步增加你的财富 。

理财掌门人吴加万先生将教你如何“掌握财富”,因为如果你可以掌握你的财富,你便能掌握你的命 运。

作者吴加万毕业于南大会计系,现是一名合格的财务策划师,并拥有16年银行信贷的经验。在2003年,他创 办了新加坡领先的房屋贷款咨询网站

他也常受邀在各大报章发表有关于理财与房屋贷款的看法与文章。这些报章包括了《海峡时报》,TODAY,T he Edge,《商业时报》,Home & Décor,《我报》,《联合早报》,《新明日报》与《联合晚报》。他也经常受邀到各机构演讲,分享他对理 财与生财的心得。从2003年至2005年,他与荣获最受欢迎DJ奖项的汪丽贞联合呈现超过两年现场的电台 理财节目,这是有史以来最长寿的理财节目。他也是《我报》理财的专栏作家。